We welcome bona fide outreach regarding products and services that can help our business, customers, employees, or stakeholders. To make that process efficient for us and fair for sellers, we are accepting these pitches only through this form.

As part of this process, we are making The Warmpitch Pledge. This pledge applies to pitches for products or services where we do not have an existing relationship with a seller or have not initiated contact ourselves. Even if we know sellers, they may still want to submit through this form because we dedicate bandwidth to thoughtfully considering pitches.

We pledge: 

  1. To review, consider, and respond to each cold pitch received through this form.
    Often times this pledge means we will need to send regrets, but we will give every bona fide pitcher an opportunity to describe the value he or she offers to our business, customers, employees, or stakeholders. We will follow an internal process that allows for thoughtful review and consideration.

  2. To review and consider only cold pitches received through this form.
    To maintain fairness, we will consider only cold pitches that are submitted through this form. Pitches received through other means may be invited to submit through this form; this invitation is not an indicator of interest, however, because we only review and consider the information submitted through this form.

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